Until I turn this site into a professional showpiece, you might want to check out my old site: (also good if you just enjoy infinite loops).
I've been having fun working recently with Her Campus Media. Other recent action: Feel free to contact me by email ( or LinkedIn if you're looking for clever and refreshingly personal Drupal expertise.
More soon!

New Territory

Just spun up this site on the latest, bleeding-edge Drupal 8 code. Had a lot of fun (seriously) and a bit of pain getting the basics in place on shared hosting with a nice little Git-deploy workflow, etc. Feast your eyes on the "Stark" theme from the Minimal profile for now. Looking forward to playing with tons of other stuff, and slicking this site up to boot. Will likely reinstall a few more times while playing with basic D8 profile/distro/make concepts and environmental stuff. Writing in pronounless chop-prose should convey the rawness and immediacy of this experiment ;)